Why do cats need hammocks?

Why, then, do cats really like to sleep in hammocks?


And the thing is that such a cat bed takes the shape of your pet's body - a glomerulus! They feel so comfortable.


Where it is soft, comfortable, warm and quiet - a cat will sleep there. And only in the place where she likes, and not where you want. Your hammock will become your pet’s favorite place to sleep and relax, especially if he loves to hide and observe from everything in a cozy shelter.

Also, a cat hammock is a personal, untouchable place that will give the animal comfort and tranquility without prejudice to its own life.


These pets sleep a lot, they can rest for 14-16 hours a day. Therefore, their megacomfort sleeping place is a very important component in the life of cats. Provide your pet with your own comfortable couch and your pet will reward you with loud purring and affection.


A hammock for a cat is the best option. But how best to choose it?


All cats are different, like people. Some climb higher, others find a cozy corner in the closet, while others climb onto the battery.

All the preferences of our fastidious cats are taken into account in the design of hammocks.

In addition to the benefits for cats, their owners are also good. After all, a hammock for cats does not take up much space, it clutters our space and it can always be hung in a secluded corner.

And another plus is that the hammock for the cat will collect its hair on itself, and as a result, the house needs to be cleaned less. The canvas is usually removable, it is easy to clean or wash.

Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this hardware.

When choosing a hammock for a cat, consider the following:

where she prefers to sleep - above or below, where she is more comfortable: a place where it is warmer or cooler.

Reliability of the design and its dimensions. The weight and size of your pet's body play an important role in selecting a hammock. Depending on this, we choose more or less stable.

The fabric should be soft, pleasant to the touch. If you do it yourself, it is better to make a cloth for hammocks from old clothes, for example, from old jeans, any thick cotton fabric. For the winter, a warm flannel or fleece fabric is an excellent option.

As for the shape of the product, for cats it is preferable to slightly sagging loungers with a cloth dressed on a support frame throughout the size of the hammock. Your cat will be more pleasant than the one that stretches and sags deeply.