Cat Furniture Hexagon
Cat Furniture Hexagon
Cat Furniture Hexagon

Cat Furniture Hexagon

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The price is for one Cat Hexagon 

This elegant and stylish piece of furniture is made of birch plywood, it fits into any interior. This is a stylish home for pets, ideal for cats, small dogs, rabbits ... An ideal cozy place to play and sleep.

The price is for ONE cat Hexagonal House.

Price is for one item Hexagonal House.

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Our pet product range has such a very comfortable, modern cat shelf.

It is presented in such colors: Lightwood, White tree, Dark wood, Blackwood, White and light wood, white and dark wood, Black and grey wood.

This type of furniture cat accessories is made of birch plywood, it fits into any interior. This is a perfectly cozy place, ideal for cats, where they can play and sleep.
The body is made of high-quality and ecologically pure wood and we also used paint and varnish that are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for all living things, they will not do them any harm.
Your pet can chew, bite this product. You can also let your children play with this furniture and even try it on the tooth ☼) And you can not worry about their health.
The doorway is large enough for cats, little dogs and rabbits to enter it without problems, which allows your pet to feel very comfortable inside.
This house allows your pet to have their own safe haven yet be free around their home. Very sleek looking and it has lightweight for easy mobility.
We are sure, your pet will love the new house because it's comfortable and feels warm.
The design has five entrances that allow the cat to move from section to section without problems. A great gift to your pet.
And having bought several such shelves, you can make a walled complex for your cat - a real cat's paradise.

1) 40x35x25 cm / 15.7 "x 13.7’’x 9.8”
2) 45x39x27 cm / 17.7'' x 15.3'' x 10,6''

Fastening: dowels 6-8mm/0,2"-0,3" (4 pcs)

For internal use only.

It comes ready to install.

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✔ The color of the house may be slightly different (lighter / darker), because it is made of natural wood. As well as the actual size of the product.

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