Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration
Furniture wall decoration

Furniture wall decoration

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Tax included. hexagon shelves will attract attention to any wall in your house or apartment. This beautifull hand-crafted hexagon shelf is ideal for creating a contemporary and modern look in your space. Each one is made of birch plywood and it assembled with extreme care and undergo an extensive staining/finishing process. Product looks aesthetically pleasingand also it was designed to make installation quick and stress-free. These honeycomb shelves are perfect for displaying small plants, decorative glass, small artworks, picture frames, rock collector, airplant enthusiast, or just someone with a knack for knick-knacks. You can use as an individual shelf or you can connect multiple shelves to make interesting geometric designs.

1) 40x35x25 cm / 15.7 "x 13.7’’x 9.8”
2) 45x39x27 cm / 17.7'' x 15.3'' x 10,6''
Fastening: dowels 6-8mm/0,2"-0,3" (4 pcs)
Weight: 3,2 kg / 7 lb

For internal use only.

Price is for one item hexagon

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✔ The color of the product may be slightly different (lighter / darker), because it is made of natural wood. As well as the actual size of the product.

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